Biggest Turn Offs for Women

Biggest Turn Offs for Women.

In my last post, “What turns women on…the truth“, I revealed a list of traits and actions that turn women on. I wanted to follow up with 10+1 things that are the biggest turn offs for women. I was aiming for 10 but got a little carried away and just couldn’t choose one to subtract, so we have 11 biggest turn-offs for women. If you’re a guy reading this, print this and stick it on your fridge or something. You want women to be crazy over you? Take good care of yourself both physically and mentally. Get your sh*t together. I want a nasty loser! SAID NO WOMAN EVER!

And the list begins…
  1. Hairy– I know I sound like a jerk. I know it’s only natural for men to be hairy, but the back hair has to go. Seriously, especially when guys have large patches of hair on their backs or when they’re so hairy that you don’t know where the back hair ends and where the hairline begins. I worked in a salon and these men exist. A little chest hair or hair below the abdomen is okay. You don’t even have to shave off our pubes. Just tidy it all up. It’s more hygienic. Please.
  2. Chubby– I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this one…dad bod is a no. I understand working out is time-consuming, but it’s good for your health and overall well-being. Just quit eating shit and you won’t look like shit. Your boobs just can not be bigger than mine.
  3. Bad teeth– yellow teeth ewwwwww…. Bleach those mother f*ckers please. It’s so simple these days. All you need is some Crest Whitestrips .
  4. Bad kissing– I don’t care how hot you are or how attracted to you I am, you’re personality might be top notch, but if our kiss is not in sync, it’s not fun. A bad kiss typically means there’s no spark. Tips: don’t eat my face, don’t shove your tongue down my throat, and I don’t want to play tongue hockey.
  5. Jobless– how do you expect to take me out on dates? What do you do all day? Sit around playing video games? Grow the f*ck up, quit being lazy, quit being a loser. Done.
  6. Cheap– one of the worst qualities in a guy. I get the need to save money, it’s important, but dude seriously have a little class. Be a gentleman and take me out to dinner, pay for my drinks, and my cab fare. It’s just chivalry, my friend. Did your mama not teach you these skills?
  7. Too serious, no sense of humor- You tell a guy a story you think is funny and he just stares at you. Goodbye. Even if you don’t think it’s funny, or you don’t think I’m funny, pretend. Like what are we supposed to talk about? Politics? Religion? Finances? I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to have a good time and make each other laugh. Oh and another…bad joker. Like just completely off topic or confusing. It’s a turn-off.
  8. Stuck up...cocky- Get over yourself. You are not all that. Stop showing off. Be humble. I don’t want to hear how many b*tches you’ve been with, or how many want you, or how much you spent at Gucci, or how much you can bench press. Stop talking about yourself…you just sound conceited. The world does not revolve around you. Peace the f*ck out.
  9. Long hair– I know I know some chicks dig the long hair like Jax from Sons of Anarchy, not I. If your hair is as long as or longer than mine, we have a problem; either you’re too lazy to get a haircut or you’re in the process of becoming. Get a haircut, clean yourself up, and appear presentable. I don’t need you using up all of my top of the line deep conditioner.
  10. Lumberjack beard– It’s in style now and I must admit it’s interesting. The beauty industry is making some extra money on beard oils and all these different beard related products, but all I can think about is…don’t you get super sweaty and itchy under there? How do you clean it? My vagina is not going to like it and neither will my face. Just stop it already. Why is this so cool these days? I don’t get it. Let’s go back to clean shaved or a little fuzz, but not full blown Jesus.
  11. Insecure– This is a big one for many men…and women. It causes many problems because it causes jealousy. It impacts your mental health and it will drive women away. Women are attracted to powerful confident men, insecure is the opposite of that. How can you expect women to feel secure with you if you are insecure about yourself?


Women if you agree feel free to comment below or add some other things to my list. Let’s vent ladies!

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