How did you become a sex blogger?

I’m glad you asked!

Well, originally my blog was started as a way to produce organic traffic to a future online sex store, which is still in the process.

However, once I started blogging, it became my life. I have always been known as the pervert of my group of friends, coworkers, acquaintances, luckily, I’m a female so it’s a tad more acceptable to be pervy. I was always very open about sex in general and I find it odd that some people are a lot more conservative and standoffish when it comes to sex. It’s confusing to be honest, because I know we’re all doing it, so why are we so scared to talk about it?

Anyways, my interest in sex as a study began a couple years ago when I was taking a college course Psychosexual Development. I loved that class because I was able to learn about topics that are not typically covered in college books. I remember one chapter specifically discussed sexual paraphilia like voyeurism, foot fetishes, golden showers, etc. It was fascinating.

Ever since my interest in human sexuality has only amplified. It’s like I opened a Pandora’s box (not in a bad way really). I have learned so much from my followers, my research, and my experiences since I began blogging.

So that’s my story!