Where do you get your inspiration?

Honestly, I think I’m pretty creative in coming up with topic ideas. Most of my inspiration comes from everyday life. Look around, everything we see, hear, feel can somehow be linked back to sexuality.

Let’s name some random things: cars, children, suburbs, vacation, school, coffee.

Now, let me spit out some sex-related topics regarding the above named “things”:

  • car sex, car sex positions, car bj, car handjob
  • early childhood sexuality, sexual development, gender development
  • sex in the suburbs, swinger neighbors, suburban families, homosexuality in the suburbs
  • romantic vacations, swingers resorts, nude resorts
  • sex education, teen pregnancy
  • coffee….um… it might improve sexual desire? Idk I have yet to research this topic!

Sex is all around, it’s a part of everyday life, so why not talk about it as openly as possible?

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