Holiday Gift Solutions for Her

Have a Sexy Holiday Season!

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I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Christmas is literally right around the corner. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I want for Christmas and honestly, I always replied, “A big booty hoe”. Seriously though, I usually make a list of specific things I want which usually includes pajamas, panties, cosmetics, etc. This year, considering the fact that I’m single, I decided to be my own Santa. I bought myself some pajamas of course and cosmetics obviously, but I also treated myself to a new vibrator and some lube.

Some of you reading this are currently in freak out mode because you have no idea what to get your woman for Christmas. Most guys are pretty shitty gift givers, so in an attempt to help you guys out and be the best Santa ever, I made a pretty sweet Gift Guide to simplify things for ya… You can thank me later.

FYI: This Gift Guide is not for any ordinary woman, it’s for the freaks at heart, the spontaneous lovers, pleasure seekers, and romantics.

Shop Megan Fox's Lingerie Collection at Frederick's of Hollywood
Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

This is my number one choice seriously. I mean can you get any sexier than combining jewelry and an orgasm? First, of all, I love it’s simple and discreet design. It’s got 4 speeds and two modes, it’s stainless steel and its USB rechargeable. Whaaaaat? The price for this baby is pretty decent too ranging from $69 to $149. Personally, I like the Rose Gold design, but that’s just me. I really think this product is amazing and would recommend it to (almost) anyone. Just imagine her sitting in her office all innocent with this baby around her neck. It’s like a constant reminder of sexiness and then she can sneak a quick self-pleasuring session during her lunch break. Hell yeah! The Crave Vesper is the ideal gift! Someone should get me one too while you’re at it.

Sexy Lingerie

Every woman needs loves and appreciates receiving lingerie. Some women even collect sexy little pieces. It makes us feel…sexy and I’m sure you gentleman don’t mind. I mean it’s as much of a gift to her as it is to you. Just saying…so I’ve come up with a short list of lingerie ideas for your special lady (wink, wink, rawrrr).

Frederick’s of Hollywood

This is my favorite place to shop for lingerie. Sure, Victoria’s Secret has some nice pieces, but Frederick’s has them beat in quality and their lingerie is just sexier.

Here are some of my favorites from Frederick’s:

Eliza Guipure Lace Teddy

This piece is absolutely breathtaking. It’s sexy, it’s classy, it’s boudoir. Look at the details. OMG, I get turned on just by looking at it. Oh, and it comes with a detachable garter. Just add the stockings and the look is complete.

Frederick’s of Hollywood Eliza Guipure Lac…

The irresistible Eliza is back in the Eliza Guipure Lace Teddy from Frederick’s of Holl… [More]

Price: $68.00
Sale: $41.00



Hollywood Dream Halter Corset

Honestly, a corset is just a staple item for women. Ever woman needs a decent corset! I like this one because it has front and back closure, it’s slimming, and offers extra support for the ladies upstairs (push-up). It’s lacy, strappy, and sexy as hell. The garter is also detachable.

Frederick’s of Hollywood Hollywood Dream H…

Discover your perfect shape with the Hollywood Dream Halter Corset from Frederick’s of … [More]

Price: $62.00
Sale: $37.00



Stephanie Eyelash Teddy

Just look at the details. It’s romantic, flirty, and simply seductive.

Frederick’s of Hollywood Stephanie Eyelash…

Lace lingerie is the last word in sexy. A signature style, the Stephanie Eyelash Lace a… [More]

Price: $44.50
Sale: $26.50




Sexy Robe
Stephanie Sheer Robe with panty


Frederick’s of Hollywood Stephanie Sheer R…

Lace lingerie is the last word in sexy. A signature style, the Stephanie Sheer Robe wit… [More]

Price: $48.00
Sale: $24.00





Erika All Over Lace Robe


Frederick’s of Hollywood Erika All Over La…

Captivate in lace in the Erika All Over Lace Robe from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Design… [More]

Price: $44.50
Sale: $22.25





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Perfume with Pheromones

Some say they work and some say they don’t. Either way, I’d still want it.

Dona Pheromone Perfume:


Dona pheromone perfume (Fashionably late)Smells good and enhances her sex appeal. It’s a win-win! There are tons of different pheromone perfumes out there, but I think this one is the most appealing because of the packaging. The bottle is gorgeously feminine and the reviews are great!




LELO Indulge Me Luxury Pleasure Set

This three-piece luxury set includes the NOA couples vibrator, feather teaser, and a silky blindfold. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous as well. This set is absolutely fabulous because not only will she love it, so will you! Trust me, she will not be disappointed. I also like this set because it’s perfect for weekend getaways and vacationing. It’s a nice way to add some spice to your sex life. I love vibrators and I always recommend couples integrate them into their everyday sex lives.


LELO Smart Wand

It’s quiet, high power, and rechargeable. Just look at the design though. It’s a beautiful addition to any collection. It’s super sleek! I prefer the purple design as well. It’s a pricier vibrator going for $159, but only because it’s high end, it comes with a 1 year warranty and a 10-year guarantee, so honestly, I personally think this makes a really nice gift. It’s kind of like an investment, 10 years guaranteed orgasms!


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Hitachi Rechargeable Wireless Magic Wand Massager Massage Kit

This is a classic vibrator. It’s the first of its kind and I really think that everyone needs to experience what it has to offer because really there is nothing else like it out there. The Hitachi Magic Wand is very popular, probably the main toy used in porn for personal, couple, and kink play.


Aromatherapy massage oil

This is another great gift idea. Women love being pampered and what better way to pamper your lady than hook her up with some massage oil thus promising some sultry massage sessions to release her tensions, relax, and maybe even put out!

Sensual Massage Oil w/ Pure Lavender Oil – Relaxing Almond & Jojoba Oil

Women LOVE sensual massages and massage oils in general. Nothing makes skin softer than massage oil. Add a massage and you got yourself a limp lady ready for eroticism.

 FYI: 10% OFF two items! 


Done Be Romanced Gift Set

Dona be romanced gift set (Naughty)


OMG is this cute! You can pick either the Flirty version or the Naughty version. Both include: Bubble Bath (236 ml), Massage Oil (30 ml), Massager (plastic), Flavoured Body Topping (60 ml), Linen Spray (30 ml), Rose Petals (reusable silk cloth) and a Tealight.

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