Ohhh what to pack….for my Spring Break Sex-cation at Desire Resort

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Usually, I am all packed and ready for vacation about 2 weeks out. This time around, life got me feelin’ unmotivated. I finally forced myself to pack today and it took foreveeeeer (more like an hour, but felt longer). I’m not done yeeeet, but I chose the basics. We will be in Riviera Maya, Mexico and the weather will be hot hot hot! Considering that we will be spending 5 days at the clothing-optional sexy resort Desire, this makes packing somewhat easier. I also planned way ahead in January and ordered some new bikinis (for my new boobs….yes I got a boob job last August) and some cover-ups. I created a packing checklist especially for this. My life is hectic and I cannot afford to forget let’s say a vibrator ;). You can download the free printable here.

SexCation Outfits
Beach bummin’

I began my packing journey with the easiest: bikinis. I got 3 sets, plus one bikini top for substitution and one thong bottom for a brave day (no top needed). The black mesh bikini top marked #1 was purchased from Forever 21, but I don’t think they sell it anymore. The other black strappy bikini top and cheeky bottom I also bought from Forever 21 (picture #12). The coral bikini top and bottom in #14 were purchased from Target (my almost four-year-old daughter loves this color so much she found a one-piece coral one to match mommy!). The coral one makes my butt look soooo good. The turquoise bikini top and cheeky bottom in #13 were also from Target. Then I chose 3 cover-ups for each of the bikinis and 1 classic black romper. I got the two coverups the blue one and the beige one from Amazon, they are kimonos. I had to get a simple beige leather belt to go with them in case I want to actually cover up when we grab a snack at the restaurant. I am not a fashionista, but a ginormous sun hat was a necessity since I am currently on the Accutane way of life (blahhh my skin is so dry and sensitive it could probably burn off). I tried to find a link for you guys, but I don’t think they sell that exact one anymore.

Party Time!

According to Desire website, Sunday’s entertainment theme will be animal print. I don’t have anything animal print, I’m not very exotic, but I found a pair of leopard pumps and a thong so that counts right? I bet I could probably get away with just wearing those two items, but I’m not that bold.

Shop Megan Fox's Lingerie Collection at Frederick's of Hollywood

Monday is BDSM night, considering my wardrobe is about 75% black, this was a piece of cake, but I did have to purchase some new sexier clothes (I’m a mom and I’m 28, so I got rid of my teenage slutty clothes a few years ago). I got a mini-dress from Forever 21 that has just the right amount of sexy for dinner. I also bought a lace bodysuit to wear with a leather skirt for the night with some leather bootie pumps. Forever 21 doesn’t sell it anymore, but here’s a similar one.

Tuesday’s theme is Babes of Burlesque. I had to get creative for this one since I’m not burlesque type-a-person. I decided to stick with something simple and sexy so I chose my favorite little black lace dress with some pumps for dinner. I bought the dress and pumps such a long time ago. I also realized that I needed to get a stick-on bra so I ordered it last-minute from Amazon (thank God for Prime Shipping!!!!). I remembered I had a red corset set and a short black “flowy” skirt so I decided this will be good enough. I didn’t add it to the outfit pictures because I’m not too loving it. If I’m not too happy with this outfit, we can always skip the partying, which we just may because we tend to be pretty lazy…in bed by 9:30 hahahaha.

Wednesday’s theme is Sexy Uniforms, meaning you dress up as any type of professional doctor/nurse, professor/schoolgirl, etc. We will probably skip this night out too. I don’t have any uniform type of costumes and I was not going to purchase one just for this occasion knowing I will never use it again (I’m also not a Halloween person….I know, I sound like the most boring person ever). This will be our last night so we may want to just take it easy. For dinner, I chose a halter maxi dress (my all time favorite).

I also packed two casual outfits just in case we decide to do something more active…….and of course some sexy lingerie. And we can’t forget gym gear, cuz these abs don’t form themselves. (JK! I had twins, I will never have abs, I’ve accepted this). The black workout outfit I got at Forever 21 and I love it. It’s like a Lululemon knock-off. The shorts have a zipper pocket too.  Anyways, I probably over-packed, but at least I will have more choices!

Don’t forget to download your free Sex-cation packing list here!

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