Our Desire Resort Experience…..Sensuality. Eroticism. Pleasure.

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Desire Resort Day 1

Let me clarify something before I begin:

desire resort

We are not nudists and we are not swingers. We simply came here to spice things up and live a little and I mean sh*t “why the f*ck not” (aunt Jill’s motto). Sure, I’ve gone topless in Miami in my teens, so I thought I knew what I was in for.

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Sunday was our first day at Desire Resort, Riviera Maya. We walk into the lobby to check in. It was very nice and classy, modern. The staff is very nice. The women who worked the check-in dressed very sexy…short skirts, heels, dark makeup. To prevent people from getting overwhelmed there was no nudity allowed in the lobby area. When we were checking in, the gentleman that showed us around asked us how we heard of Desire and actually asked us: “you know where you are right?” hahahaha…

We knew. At least we thought we knew.

Our room wasn’t going to be ready until 3 and it was around 2 so went had a late lunch at the buffet. The buffet lunch was limited but had a little bit of everything, fruit, salads, meats, chips and guac., dessert…the usual. As we sat and ate…exhausted from the day, we sipped on champagne and took in our surroundings. VERY VERY Interesting surroundings.

Nudists: old, young, thin, chubby, real boobs, fake boobs, big dicks, small dicks, you name it. Couples lounged on the beds that surrounded the pool area next to the buffet. Some were chatting away with other couples, some quietly sunbathing, some sipping on cocktails. No sexual activity was allowed in the pool area, so the most action we witness was making out and caressing. These people have no inhibitions whatsoever and I applaud them. They left their troubles and insecurities at home and simply came to

Couples lounged on the beds that surrounded the pool area next to the buffet. Some were chatting away with other couples, some quietly sunbathing, some sipping on cocktails. No sexual activity was allowed in the pool area, so the most action we witness was making out and caressing. These people have no inhibitions whatsoever and I applaud them. They left their troubles and insecurities at home and simply came to Desire Resort to let loose. To live. To be free…free from society’s ideas about what is appropriate and what is not…what’s good and what’s bad.

Daytime was pretty chill, not much action besides people watching, so we weren’t really impressed. We were like “what was everyone warning us about?” Once we got our room we changed and got ready for pool/beach lounging. We were on a mission to witness something worth talking about. We walked around, found a quiet spot at the beach, but the beach was kinda dirty from the coral reef. We simply relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet. We watched couples strolling nude hand in hand. They looked so happy and carefree. I was still wearing my entire bikini ensemble. It was the first day, I needed to warm up to the idea of being nude.

As we walked down the beach, we quickly discovered, that nudists are sooooo friendly, let me tell you. Everyone said hi to us and talked to us. So nice, so unusual at resorts. A swinger couple even gave me a necklace. Beautiful black glass necklace. After a short conversation, we realized they were not a couple. The woman’s husband was out and about somewhere getting a drink with the man’s wife. It became clear that the two couples came here together and they were swingers. They casually stood there butt naked throughout the entire conversation. I was really proud of myself for not staring at the man’s d*ck and balls. My hubby, on the other hand, noticed that the older man had his d*ck pierced (I didn’t notice). I found it kinda odd for a man in his 60s to have such a wild piercing…turns out he also had a tattoo on his right butt cheek…of red lips hahaha.

After our beach “adventure” we decided to head to the pool area to see if there was any action there. We laid out on a bed next to another couple who were in their 50s (I think). They were from LA. Very friendly and the wife was absolutely gorgeous. We walked around and checked out the Jacuzzi area…this is the area where people really get wild. It was fascinating. We noticed a couple having sex on a bed; the bed farthest away from the crowd. They were banging side by side. I couldn’t see their faces. I didn’t want to stare and I wasn’t sure how to act or what the proper reaction should be to witnessing someone have sex. All I could tell was that they were older, like 40s-50s older.

Two more couples were going at it in the jacuzzi. One couple was on the far left side. The woman was laying on the concrete with her legs spread wide. The man was inside the Jacuzzi…eating her out. The other couple was on the far right side of the jacuzzi. The man was standing while the woman was sucking him off. No one even paid attention to us. There was a bar next to the jacuzzi, where the male bartender went about his day like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Not a shocker, we knew what we were in for. It was just interesting to see.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, we peaced out and headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. We are early birds so at 6:30 we were the first ones there. We decided on Japanese. I wore a black dress and some pumps. I looked pretty hot if I must say so myself. At 6:30 we made it to the restaurant. We were the first ones there…shocker! As parents, we forget that the majority of people eat dinner around 7/8. Back at home 7 is bath-time and 8 is bedtime.

We are early birds so at 6:30 we were the first ones there. We decided on Japanese. I wore a black dress and some pumps. I looked pretty hot if I must say so myself. At 6:30 we made it to the restaurant. We were the first ones there…shocker! As parents, we forget that the majority of people eat dinner around 7/8. Back at home 7 is bath-time and 8 is bedtime.

Although the restaurant required formal attire, I noticed that the women who came in after us wore very revealing clothing. When I say revealing, I mean club wear, like a bra top and a mini skirt with stripper heels. I felt overdressed. After dinner we headed back up to the Jacuzzi area, just to check it out and see if there was anything else of interest. We were determined to attain a good level of comfort around sex. That’s what we came for right?

We met two couples by the Jacuzzi bar. One couple was full on swingers and the other couple was just curious and simply there to have a good time. The girls seemed to be enjoying one another’s company. They were both beautiful blondes. One was in her 20’s and the other one in her 40’s.You really couldn’t tell them apart from a distance. They were taking turns spanking one another, sucking each other’s nipples, playing around fingering one another. One actually sat on the bar top while the other one ate her out.

The men just ignored the girls and spoke to us about the “lifestyle”. Basically explaining it to us and how the whole thing works. It was a very educational conversation. They were so open about their lifestyle and how back home their families and friends were either not supportive or they just simply didn’t know. Most couples did not share that little detail with their families and friends. It turns out they were all friends and came on this trip together from New Jersey.

It was 9 by the time the men decided they were starving and headed downstairs to grab some food. We headed down to the entertainment area where people were dressed like exotic animals for the night’s event. There was a band playing 80’s rock music, people dancing…just having a good ole’ time. There was one older couple, probably in their 60’s tearing up the dance floor. The woman had a bob wig on (I don’t remember the color, I think black). Her body was painted in leopard print, as was her face. She looked quite exotic. She wore a thong and a revealing skirt and some heels. The man was dressed casually in some khakis and a tropical shirt. They were having a blast. I admired them and I only hope that I have the balls to be like that one day.

Around 10 pm the nightclub opened…we waited until about 10:30 when the band stopped playing and people started heading up to the club. The stairs to the nightclub were in the lobby. A door made of golden chains hung above the entrance up the stairs. Another actual door was at the top of the stairs where the club was located. The nightclub is a hot spot as we were told. it has a back room called the “sin room” where there are beds for people to have sex. The inside of the room is dark, with velvet and leather furnishings.

We danced a little and then things got pretty wild. Yes, sin room wild! We weren’t the first ones there. It was dark so you could not make out the faces of the other couples having sex. You could only see the outlines of their nude bodies as they pleasured one another. Moans surrounded the room…making the experience so erotic. We did the deed and rushed back to our room where my Mr. reserved something special for us.

Our private entertainment for the next hour was a stripper. She walked into our room with a suitcase. She laid out the prices, $250 for the hour strip dance, $500 for girl on girl, $750 for the whole package. We stuck with the strip dance. She told us to sit down on the bed as she took out her stereo and plaid some sexy music. The first song was from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, I put a spell on you (or w/e the title of the song is). I let my own inhibitions go and I went with the flow as she danced. She was a hottie..lots of sexy dancing and body caressing, very intimate. She helped us undress and she danced all over us. Her nipples ever so gently touching mine. Of course, I asked her if her boobs were real…she replied “real silicone” hahaha. A stripper with a good sense of humor, now that I like. 

And here our night ended. Our neighbors saw her leave our room and immediately questioned how the show was. We gave them the details and the prices and they really wanted the stripper experience the next day. I don’t even know what time it was…it was late. I refused to look at the time knowing I would probably have a panic attack if I found out it was past midnight….you know cuz the magic is over at midnight (Cinderella ya know). No, but really we typically go to bed around 10 and we get up around 7 so being off of our “normal” schedule is anxiety provoking for me and then I have a hard time falling asleep. So yea that was our wild Day 1!

Desire Resort Day 2

Holy headache. I remember everything from the other night, but my brain is just fogged. Not super hung over, but my head is definitely feeling it. We slowly wake up, open the doors to see what’s going on out there. Our neighbors from last night were out and my Mr. chatted with them while I blogged ;). We found out that the woman is working on developing an app specifically designed for swinger couples, which is a fab. idea! They were super friendly and having a blast. She gave me a business card so that we can keep in touch and she can let me know when her app launches so I can check it out and share it with my dears (yes you). I got showered and got ready for the day.

We slowly headed out and grabbed lunch at the buffet. We spent quite a bit of our day lounging at the beach. It was heavenly, as beach chillin’ usually is. We headed back to the pool. The pool is really the place to be during the day. That’s where the entertainment takes place. We chatted with another couple that was very nice. By then it was around 5 I think. People were starting to head back to their rooms to get ready for dinner. We decided to do the same. I think we just went to the buffet for dinner (I don’t remember).

After dinner, we decided to check out the Jacuzzi lounge (because we a super nosy hahaha) and wanted to see what was going on over there. There were quite a bit of people. The place was hoppin’! We sat at the bar and just took it all in. We sipped on some drinks. I decided to stick with cranberry Vodkas for the majority of the trip. A little bit of chitchat with other resort guests. Another couple sat next to us, they were about our age…Actually, they were the youngest ones there. They told us about some of the other “lifestyle” resorts that they have been to such as Hedonism and Temptation. They were pretty good looking and very open.

They explained that they are swingers, but they have boundaries..they only do “soft swap”, which means that they will swap for oral, but only have intercourse with each other. I thought that was pretty great, that they saved that special something for each other rather than going all the way with others. We also talked about sex toys, because you know I’m a sex blogger and I review sex toys and all. She spoke very highly of the Magic Wand. We were up pretty late chatting away about how they met and where they live, etc.

Guess who else was having a good time at the Jacuzzi lounge? The same couple that we witnessed having sex on the bed the first night! This time they really gave us a show! 69 baby and boy was she riding his face! It was pretty wild and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. A few beds down there was a 3-sum going on too! Two girls and one very lucky gentleman! What an exciting day!

By 7:45 we had a show to watch. Our neighbors got the stripper, the $750 package! They set out all the chairs outside their rooms and told us we could all come and watch. We brought the couple we were chatting with along for the show. Well….unfortunately the stripper closed the blinds after the dance. She claimed that it was against hotel policy for her to allow people outside of the main party to watch. Boooooo! We were disappointed.

Anyways, everyone is sooooo friendly. I think back to other resorts we have been to and recall that typically people keep to themselves, ignore you, and avoid eye contact. Here it’s just different. Everyone talks to everyone as if they were old time pals even though they are meeting for the very first time. Perhaps some people are friendly because they want to hook up. I don’t know, this is a new world to me and I don’t know how these arrangements work. I spoke to so many different people, from all over the U.S. and Canada, some were younger and some were older, but everyone had a unique story and every couple was happy.

As I reflect on the couples I met throughout the last two days, I realize how insightful they are. These are average people, who work their asses off, have children, have careers/companies to run, yet they are able to step back, relax, and have a good time. By coming to Desire Resort and similar alternative lifestyle resorts, they are able to literally leave their worries and inhibitions behind. They come here to do whatever they want to do and everyone just goes with the flow. Nothing is odd, everyone respects and accepts one another.

Contrary to what the rest of traditional society thinks, “swingers”….(many don’t like that term because they don’t like to be categorized), actually have really strong relationships. They trust each other and they want to make their partner happy no matter what floats their boat. Sex is seen more as a pleasurable act of human nature…. much less “serious”. Sex is viewed as a physical act, rather than an emotional expression of love. Hooking up with other couples is recreational.

One couple really made an impression on me and I will definitely remember them, their advice, their stories. They said that the key to this lifestyle and really every type of relationship is to let go of jealousy. Jealousy, as the wife explained, is a monster. I really think this jealousy hypothesis also applies to everyday life. It’s difficult to attain happiness when the jealousy monster eating away at you. Whether you are jealous of another woman’s purse, boobs, beauty, or another man’s penis size…it’s just not good for your ego. It inhibits you from being the best version of yourself that there is…that can be. The people here admire one another and they will openly say so. I can’t count the number times people simply came up to me to tell me how beautiful I am…men, women, couples, and staff. Quite the ego boost.

Back home, jealousy is the silent killer of relationships and self-esteem. Why is it so inappropriate to tell someone that you admire their beauty, or that their spouse is good looking? Why do wives get angry and jealous when their husband’s eyes wander at another woman? Why can’t we all just be a little freer? Wouldn’t we be happier? Perhaps, more at peace? I, for one, have always openly commented on others’ good looks. If I see a woman who I think is pretty, I will tell her. They probably think I’m weird, or that I’m hitting on them, that I’m a lesbian.

All philosophical thinking aside, I really think that people should do whatever makes them happy and if being naked is what they want to do, go for it. If swapping partners gets them off, why not? As long as they have stable home bases and have set proper rules, then it’s alllllll good.

Before I end this post, I just wanted to say that we also got erotic massages…..and it’s not what you think although I thought the same thing. I was convinced that the masseuse was going to finger me. Many people thought the same thing. Hahahaha. It wasn’t at all like that. Upon arriving at the spa we were given 25 in the private Jacuzzi to sip on champagne and enjoy one another’s company. I enjoyed the jets if you know what I mean. Then we headed to the massage room where we each had our own masseuse. The first thing I said to the masseuse was, “I don’t want the erotic massage. Just the regular”. We were naked on the massage table, legs spread, while the women rubbed hot oil on us. It was

The first thing I said to the masseuse was, “I don’t want the erotic massage. Just the regular”. We were naked on the massage table, legs spread, while the women rubbed hot oil on us. It was sooo relaxing. Then I was told to flip over as she placed a towel over my eyes. She continued massaging. I soon felt another pair of hands on me, between my legs, and I immediately knew it was my husband. I actually said, “is this the part where I whack you in the face?” (because I did not agree to the erotic massage!).

The masseuses snuck out of the room and gave us some privacy for sex of course. It was pretty sexy being all warm and lubed up, the oven was definitely warm and ready to go. It was very erotic and actually quite an educational experience. I have experienced couple’s massages many times, but never were we allowed to touch one another and mimic the motions of the masseuse. It was pretty cool.

Desire Resort Day 3

NOTE: I am not forcing the lifestyle down your throat and again we are not in the lifestyle. I just want to share with you, the things I have learned from this trip. Just to normalize sexuality …one post at a time =).

Today was a super chill day…it seems like for everyone really. Many couples headed back home…back to reality. You could seriously just see the sadness in their faces. I never understood this really. I am typically happy to go home, vacations exhaust me, I’m a homebody, but now I get it. It’s because in their daily lives they cannot be themselves. Traditional society judges them. They are considered to be immoral and their lifestyle to be disgusting, but it’s not their lifestyle that is unusual it’s society’s inability to accept alternative lifestyles.

We are bombarded since childhood with messages and ideas about what life should look like, how we are supposed to act and feel. We are groomed to be wives and husbands. We are placed in these boxes of ideals, never stopping to think why. Now I absolutely believe in evolution. I am an educated person, I have learned the facts. I know that evolution is not just an idea someone made up, it’s a fact, and there is scientific proof to back it up.

So let’s ponder about sexuality in terms of evolution. As reproductive beings, our main “j-o-b” on this planet besides surviving, is to reproduce and pass on our genes so that our species may continue to exist. In terms of family structures, monogamy is actually very very rare amongst other mammals basically because it is biologically more advantageous to mate with a variety of partners…it increases the chances of producing more offspring. If males are only to reproduce with one female, they are only going to have a limited number of children. Just FYI, it’s also advantageous for the men to stick around and help out with their offspring. There are only a few species of mammals that are monogamous.

So when exactly did the family structure change? I’m no historian or anthropologist. I am simply a psychology student that wants the whole story. I believe the answer lies in religion. One man, one woman. Anything else and you are clearly going to H E double hockey sticks. I mean I get that it’s just more convenient and easier to be monogamous. It’s more “fitting” to society. Anything else and it just throws people off.

Anyways, we spent the majority of our days lounging at the beach and the pool. We witnessed something interesting at the beach. A couple a few beds to our right was lounging..nude duh. Well, the woman was giving him a handjob and sucking his d*ck. However, considering the fact that the beach area is considered public, no sexual activity is permitted. So, every time the beach security guard walked by she would stop and act like she was just caressing him. Eventually, they got caught…awkward. The security guard approached them (we didn’t hear what he said) and no more action.

We spend the rest of the day relaxing, people watching, chatting with the couples we’ve met along the way. Many of our friends left. The couple that I mentioned in a previous post, the one that really made an impression on me, actually decided to stay for 4 more days!

We learned how lifestyle people meet: they have their own nightclubs, their own hotels, they actually have dating websites where you sign up and meet other couples. I thought this was pretty cool. The website is called sls.com and sdc.com (if anyone is interested).

For dinner, we again hit the buffet and by the time we were done, the place was hoppin’. The theme for the night was “Babes of Burlesque” so people were all dressed up and it was just cute. There were cards games and a burlesque show, which was very cool to see. After that, we were done. It was about 10 pm and we headed back to the room. We were so worn out from the last two days.

Desire Resort Day 4

Last day ladies and gentlemen. Last day at Desire Resort. Again our day was spent relaxing, except we didn’t make it out of our room much hahaha. It was a cloudy day, so we didn’t feel guilty at all, plus I figured I might as well get my lounging time in now, because once we go back home it’s back to reality, back to chores, schoolwork, children, and cold. I still have papers to write (due Monday), but I don’t feel like doing anything “reality-related”.

As we lounged, I reflected. We finally made it out of our room for dinner around 5:30, stopped by the jacuzzi area to see what our friends were up to and hung out a little. We met another couple from Vancouver, who were in their 30’s. They were fun and outgoing. As we socialized and enjoyed these last moments of our vacation we realized that we were not ready to come home! We wanted to stay one more day. We arranged for our children’s care for one more day and hoped the resort would allow us to stay one more day.

Then we enjoyed the entertainment for the night. There was a cover band and a costume contest. We looked for our friends, then headed up to the Jacuzzi where we found them. They skipped the entertainment and headed right back to the Jacuzzi. By then it was about 11 and considering the fact that we may be going home tomorrow, I convinced my Mr. for a quickie on the bed, at the jacuzzi area. Yes, out in the open. It was my goal and I couldn’t leave Desire not accomplishing this. It was pretty sexy actually. He stripped me down to my panties and bra, keeping my stilettos on and we had sex…in front of others, not caring whether or not we had an audience. It was exhilarating.

We called it a night and headed back to our room.

Desire Resort Day 5…..leaving

We woke up around 9 and had breakfast at the buffet. We decided to go home on time. Although we truly wanted to stay there and avoid going back to reality, we realized we were truly exhausted. I doubted we would have that much of a good time considering our tiredness level was about 8/10.

We walked around saying goodbye to the couples we’ve met. We exchanged contact information in hopes that perhaps we will see them again and maybe even plan a future trip with them. Four days was definitely not long enough to truly take advantage of this type of vacation. Next time we plan this type of vacation, we will be smarter and plan for 6-7 days (you have to consider at least 1-2 hangover chill days hahaha).

Leaving Desire Resort was difficult. Desire brought us closer together as a couple. We are definitely glad we got to experience some of what Desire had to offer. I wish I could tell you more details and more stories, but what happens at Desire …..stays at Desire. Many of the people we met were successful professionals in their industries and the last thing I want to do let their secrets out. People come here to escape, allowing their fantasies to come true and many fantasies are just too “taboo” in mainstream society. I respect them. I look up to them and I admire them.

Every couple that comes and goes to such places, leaves with a certain experience and from what I have learned it’s usually wonderful.

Expectations vs. Reality

On our flight home, I took the opportunity to examine whether Desire Resort met my expectations. If you recall from my Desire preparation post I made a list of expectations that I had:

  • Expectation: I hoped to see some HOT people at Desire Resort (men and women, I don’t discriminate, and I admire anyone’s good looks).
    • Reality: There weren’t that many hot people. The crown was actually older than I expected. We were one of the only couples in their 20’s. The majority of the couples ranged between 40s-60s. However, the majority of the women I would describe as being trophy wives.
  • Expectation: I really wanted someone to approach me for a swinging opportunity…not because I would join (Mr. and I have set some guidelines by completing a kink survey and negotiating various acts)….I would really just appreciate an ego boost. I’m a stay at home mom, I live in yoga pants, top knots, so feeling sexy is rare these days.
    • Reality: I really did get approached quite a few times. Quite a few men actually expressed their desire to be intimate with me through my Mr. I was flattered.
  • Expectation: I really wanted someone to approach my Mr….because a little jealousy makes the heart grow fonder? He would probably appreciate the ego boost as well since I am failing in the complementing department. He’s also been working out hardcore prepping for this….;).
    • Reality: My Mr. didn’t really get approached. However, it’s not because he’s not hot, but because I noticed that it was more so the men that did the approaching. The wives or girlfriends would see a woman they found appealing and then men would then approach the woman/couple and attempt to hook up. One other thing I learned was that jealousy is actually a bad thing in “lifestyle” hookups. It can potentially ruin the relationship/experience.
  • Expectation: I expected to see some unattractive, old, saggy balls and racks, but hey it’s all a part of life, we will all look like that one day. I give such individuals mad props for not giving a sh*t what other people think. Do yo thing grandpa! ….by the way, you have to watch the movie Dirty Grandpa with Zac Efron and Robert De Niro…sooooo funny.
    • Reality: Yes, there were quite a few unattractive individuals, but no one really cared…no one judged. I even found myself not judging, rather I admired their boldness.
  • Expectation: I hoped to see some people getting down and dirty, not because I’m a perv, but because I just wanted to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to see everything that goes down in such places.
    • Reality: I definitely saw people getting it on. Although sexual activity was not allowed in public places such as the pool area and beach, it didn’t stop everyone. The Jacuzzi area was the sex hot spot. One on one sex, 3 sums, full swaps. Interesting to see. The surrounding people were really casual about it, some watched and enjoyed the show, some just ignored it and went about their conversations.
  • Expectation: My husband got a stripper to come to our room and teach me how to do a proper striptease, so I better come back a pro. I think the Mr. dreams about this actually and I mean if that’s what he wants, then sh*t who am I to deny him lol.
    • Reality: It was not an educational class hahaha. It was an actual stripper doing her thing. It was erotic and we enjoyed it.
  • Expectation: There are theme nights at the entertainment center. Sunday is the animal print theme, Monday is BDSM theme Tuesday is the Burlesque theme, and Wednesday is the sexy uniforms theme. I was hoping to see people get really down and dirty and dress really creatively.
    • Reality: People dressed up, but not as many people as I was expecting. So the theme nights weren’t as wild as I had hoped.
  • Expectation: I expected the Desire Resort experience to open my eyes to new experiences.
    • Reality: Definitely an eye opener. I was expecting to be more “shocked” by people’s sexual opened, but I wasn’t. Their lifestyle is so normalized at the resort that none of the staff even stares. Everyone is very respectful.

FYI: If you’re interested in having some fun you can book directly through me using the reservation form in the right sidebar! Don’t forget to include the promo code below!



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