The Dichotomy of Being a Sex Blogger Mom

The contrast between the world of sex and motherhood could not be more different. As a sex blogger, I am passionate about inspiring my readers to take control of their sex lives, to experiment, and to achieve maximum pleasure from their “sex-capades”. In a perfect […]

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Drag Shows Are Awesome

So my bucket list is full of oddities, which should be no surprise, considering my personality. Therefore, attending a drag show was a must! I had no idea what a drag show entailed, but I knew it’s something I wanted to experience at least once […]

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Intro to Threesomes: two gals and a guy

Ask any guy you know what their sexual fantasy is and I guarantee it’s threesomes with two women because obviously what’s better than having sex with a woman? Having sex with two women at the same time! This task, however, is a tad more difficult […]

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