PENIS SIZE: does it really matter? What women really think.

penis size
Men’s Concerns

I have not met one guy that has not been concerned with the size of his penis. Even men with large penises are self-conscious about their size, thinking bigger is always better. In fact, 45% of men actually believe they have a small penis. So why is penis size so important to men? “The penis is the visible badge of masculinity. If the ideal of the sublime, the majestic, the truly masculine resides in power, size, and the ability to attract women and make one’s mark on the world, no body part is more symbolic than the phallus” (The Annual Publications: Human Sexuality, 1996/1997). These beliefs that are instilled in our male counterparts are the causes of much distress as men view their size as a visible quality of their masculinity. Most importantly, men have a certainty that women prefer huge d*cks.

They are so passionate about penis size that they go as far as getting cosmetic surgery to enlarge it. OUCH! Interestingly, this is the number one elected surgery by British men. These procedures are quite dangerous, potentially causing loss of sensation and a change in the angle of the penis when erect. The balls on these guys man!

Other guys try the much safer route: Penis pumps! Guys this is really not necessary. Don’t be fooled by what you see in porn. It’s all for show and it’s f*cking up your ego gentlemen!

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Actually, when I told a male friend of mine that I was writing about penis size, the first thing he asked was, “What do you think? Bigger the better?”

Average Penis Size Across the Globe according to Journal of Urology Study as discussed in MedicalNewsToday:
  • The average flaccid penis measures 3.5” long.
  • The average erect penis measures 5.1” long.
When should guys be worried?

When you d*ck is smaller than 1.6” long when flaccid or less than 3” long when erect. Only then should a man consider penis surgery. So go ahead, whip out a ruler and calm yourself.

What Women think…

The majority of women really don’t give a sh*t how big or small your d*ck is. It really is how you work it. I have experienced penises of all sizes, and size usually does not matter, if you got the skill. In fact, according to studies, women focus more on the width than the length of the penis. Why does width matter more than length? Because my dear friends, wider penises are more pleasurable during sex (fill you up), while longer penises reach areas of the vagina that are not as sensitive due to fewer nerves. Let’s consider the statistics:

27% of women according to a survey stated they don’t care at all about the length of a penis, 31% stated they cared very little about length, 34% stated they cared moderately, but only 8% said they cared a lot (The Annual Publications: Human Sexuality, 1996/1997).

Another reason why women really don’t care whether you have a giant c*ck or not is because the majority of the pleasure we get from sex is from outer stimulation (clit, vulva). It’s the in-and-out motion rather than the actual presence of the penis inside that is more pleasurable.

Big penises are actually kind of scary to many of us. Why? Because some of our vaginas are not as long, they are not equipped to handle huge d*cks. Deep penetration can, therefore, be uncomfortable and even painful. This is especially true for anal sex. My Mr. who just may kill me for saying this has a large penis. Honestly, it’s too large for my vagina so he can’t thrust as deep during doggy style vaginal or anal because it causes me pain. It literally feels like he is pounding my cervix and it’s not at all pleasurable. Sometimes I wish he was actually smaller because I enjoy pounding, as many women do.

What do you guys think about penises? The bigger the better?


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