Mental Preparation for Desire Resort…the Desire experience

“Sensuality. Eroticism. Pleasure.”- Am I ready for this?

“The very moment you and your couple arrive, you will be submerged in a dream world of erotic pleasure” (Desire Riviera Maya Resort).

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One week from today the Mr. and I will be embracing the Desire experience. How do I feel about vacationing at a luxurious couples only clothing-optional resort? I keep checking-in with myself. I’m a pretty open and bold person, so I’m definitely excited. However, I haven’t been on vacation alone with the husband since I was pregnant in 2013, so I would probably be just as excited going to…pretty much anywhere beach-y.

If you’ve never heard of Desire, brace yourself; it’s pretty much a classy “sex-cation” place where swingers unite (at least that’s what I’ve heard and read). Desire provides “provocative luxury and sensual amenities for the perfect blend of ecstasy and eroticism”. I’ve been married almost 10 years; I think this combination sounds delectable. Let’s get something straight though….we are not swingers, we are not super kinky, we simply want to explore and spice it up as all couples require. Some may think, “why are you going to such extreme lengths to spice up your sex life? Well, as my aunt “in-law” says, “why the f*ck not?” YOLO ladies and gentlemen and after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I really don’t want to be vanilla for the rest of my life.

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Here are some of my expectations:
  • I better see some HOT people (men and women, I don’t discriminate, and I admire anyone’s good looks).
  • Someone better approach me for a swinging opportunity…not because I would join (Mr. and I have set some guidelines by completing a kink survey and negotiating various acts, you can download the printable survey here)….I would really appreciate an ego boost. I’m a stay at home mom, I live in yoga pants, top knots, so feeling sexy is rare these days.
  • Someone better hit on Mr….because a little jealousy makes the heart grow fonder? He would probably appreciate the ego boost as well since I am failing in the complementing department. He’s also been working out hard core prepping for this….;).
  • I expect to see some unattractive, old, saggy balls and racks, but hey it’s all a part of life, we will all look like that one day. I give such individuals mad props for not giving a sh*t what other people think. Do yo thing grandpa! ….by the way, you have to watch the movie Dirty Grandpa with Zac Efron and Robert De Niro…sooooo funny.
  • I actually hope to see some people getting down and dirty, not because I’m a perv, but because I just want to see it with my own eyes and that’s just what I expect from a sexy place as such. I want to see some freaky shit!
  • My husband got a stripper to come to our room and teach me how to do a proper striptease, so I better come back a pro. I think the Mr. dreams about this actually and I mean if that’s what he wants, then sh*t who am I to deny him lol.
  • There are theme nights at the nightclub: Sunday is animal print theme, Monday is BDSM theme (I’m actually excited about this one!), Tuesday is Burlesque theme, and Wednesday is sexy uniforms theme (we probably won’t be going to this one, since I am not buying a cop costume just for the night). Anyways, I expect to see people get really down and dirty and dress really creatively. This will be quite interesting. I will be reviewing my wardrobe choices sometime this week as I pack.
  • I expect the Desire experience to obviously open my eyes to new experiences in the realm of sex so if I come home plain Jane, I will be greatly disappointed.

I am really looking forward to relaxing at the beach, sleeping in (you all know how much I adore sleeping), and having some good old fun. Wish me luck!

Don’t forget to download your free printable kink survey!

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