Sex After 50

Post by Elizabeth from CarvakaSexToys

Turning on a movie or a TV show, it’s difficult to avoid mention or reference to sex but it’s usually about the sex lives of those in their 20s and 30s and rarely about anyone older than that. Does that mean that once you reach a certain age that your sex life begins to wane? No is the answer, certainly not! While there are a number of physical and physiological changes that occur in both men and women as they move beyond 50, that does not mean that the end of sex is nigh. Attitude is another element and as long as you wish to have a fruitful and healthy sex life, you genuinely can.

Issues that may start to occur in men include erectile dysfunction but through medical assistance, help is at hand and many men successfully move past this issue. It’s important not to ignore the signs of it being an issue so always visit your doctor and explain your worries to them and they will be able to help. Sometimes help will come in the form of medication and in extreme cases surgery might be required. The key thing to remember though is that help is available and it’s possible to move forward with a happy sex life once again.

In terms of women, concerns can manifest themselves in the form of a looser pelvic floor; this can be as a result of childbirth but some women who haven’t had children experience it also. Again help is at hand and simple things like gentle and focused exercise on the area (using the likes of Kegel weights) can improve the situation. Some women also experience the sensation of a dryer vagina which can make sex a little uncomfortable; adding in some lubrication really helps matters in this instance. Lube is a fantastic addition to anyone’s sex life (at any age!) as it makes things friction free and all the more comfortable. There is a multitude of lubricants available on the market too so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs.

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The guys at Carvaka have put together this infographic below which highlights some of the key issues for the over 50s to consider in terms of their sex lives. It separates the myths from the facts; it focuses on a number of concerns; it indicates fun and exciting things to try in the bedroom plus lots more. Check all the details out below!




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