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Caution: Raunchy language, not my typical style, but fits the topic and seems like a fun way to present my wish list.

As a fellow blogger of the sex industry, I am constantly exposed to sex via various media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Cosmo magazine, etc.)… sex toys, sex positions, issues regarding sexuality, yadda yadda.

Being connected to other bloggers and adult industry leaders, I am constantly able to explore what’s out there. The sex toy industry is booming with over $15 billion dollars in revenue. Amazon alone sells about 60,000 different toys. There are thousands of online sex toys retailers worldwide another few thousand physical sex toy shops nationwide.

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There are countless different sex toys available such as ginormous penis dildos complete with balls and all for the big dick lovin’ ladies and gentlemen out there. Strap-ons for brave couples and lesbians and toys that mimic oral stimulation for both men (ie the flashlight male masturbator) and women. There are vibrating butt plugs that come with a remote control; vibrators that can be controlled via wifi from across the globe (for long distance relationships). G-spot stimulators, rabbit vibrators, cock rings, anal beads, kegel type of eggs that are remote controlled, bondage toys…the list goes on and on. There’s something for everyone, no wonder the industry is booming!

Basically, being an open minded person and all, I would try all of them, but let’s be realistic here… a) I would need a separate house to store the thousands of products out there b) the time commitment, I can’t sit around masturbating and having sex all day…I have children for God’s sake c) $$$$$. ……

I just came up with a great “solution” to this problem, considering how good of a problem solver I am (hahahaha… sarcasm). One of these days, I will do a 30-day sex toy challenge where I try a different toy every day and review it! Genius!

Anyways……back to my wish list. Based on some research, reviews, and simple curiosity I have come up with a short and sweet list of toys that I absolutely must try, in numerical order.

My Top 10 Wishlist

Hot Octopuss PULSE III DUO…this is the most interesting and revolutionary sex toy I have ever seen. It can be used as a male masturbator, you basically just roll it around your penis and it can also be used as a couples toy to provide vibration to both partners for girl on top and missionary. The inventor of this product is like a genius. Just by looking at it, you can’t even tell it’s a sex toy! It’s shaped like a stingray. It’s about $150 on Amazon and rated 3.5 stars.


We Vibe 4 Plus …. when I first learned about this product I though…”Omg how did I not know about this sooner?” Just like the Pulse 3, it’s genius. This product I would try simply out of curiosity. However, I’m not sure how “good” it really is. I saw this product recently at a store during my stay at Desire. I was contemplating buying it, but then I found out it cost about $400 there…F*ck that, on Amazon it’s like $100. It’s rated 4 stars on Amazon, so I don’t think it would be a FAIL per se.

Utimi Upgraded Silicone 10 Speed G Spot Vagina and Clitoris Vibrating Vibrator…This product is the #2 best-selling vibrator on Amazon. 4 stars, 717 reviews…I trust Amazon so I think it’s just common sense that I add this product to my wish list. Oh…and it’s only $19.48!!!! It’s a multitasker, stimulating the G-spot and the clit…booyah

Fifty Shades Darker Release Together Love Ring….this is a must have for every single couple out there. We have one of those rubbery butterfly ones from Walgreens? Maybe, I don’t remember. The April 2017 issue of Cosmo revealed that although 85% of women orgasm during intercourse, only 25% do so from vaginal intercourse alone! (I would fall into this category, hence why I am a cock ring lover)…..

Let me be super honest here, the first time I experienced an orgasm during sex was thanks to this little guy! Anyways, this cock ring is not just an ordinary cock ring, it’s waterproof, USB rechargeable, 12 vibration speeds, and 8 patterns. It looks super modern and sleek too. It’s 45$ on Amazon and honestly, I think the price is worth it if I can achieve an orgasm every time I have sex. I mean can you put a price on an orgasm?

Fifty Shades of Grey Kegel Balls Set …I have always been curious about kegel exercises and kegel balls. Considering the fact that I’m a Fifty Sahdes of Grey fan, I seriously need to consider this product (if you recall, there was some kegel ball use in the story). The reason I chose these kegel balls is because it’s a set of four. The individual balls come in different weights : 15g, 25g, 35g and 55g for progressive training. This kit also comes with a cradle (like a holder). It’s $40 on Amazon so not too bad.

G-spot Vibe– this product just looks fascinating to me. I am curious as to what this product can offer, sensually. I simply can’t even imagine these sensations. There are soo many different ways to use this product, for men, women, and couples. Therefore, this product is a must try for me!…and it’s only $27.99 on Amazon.

Lelo Nea 2 : This is Cosmo’s product of the month for April, so I’m gonna trust the pros and add this one to my wish list. What I like about the design is that it doesn’t look like a sex toy. It has a modern design that is not at all intimidating looking making it a good product for couples introducing sex toys into their sexy time for the first time. It’s also completely waterproof (for a little bathtime fun). It’s actually not that expensive for a Lelo product at $94.99. It’s also got 4 stars on Amazon.

Ethan Remote Control Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug Set – Grey/OrangeI really want to try this to up my butt game because I enjoy incorporating butt plugs into my sex life. I also enjoy vibrators, so why not combine the two and get a VIBRATING BUTT PLUG! Remote controlled of course! For $47.80 you get two plugs, 1 small non-vibrating, and 1 medium vibrating plus remote control. I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Womanizer Pro40 – This product honestly looks like a Clarisonic face cleanser machine, but it’s got 4.5 stars and 155 reviews on Amazon. I have also heard so many good things about this product that I seriously need to try it! Here’s another thing that the Amazon product description says, “Produces fast often multiple orgasms on demand”…I’m down!



Joyboxx …Okay seriously Idk why I didn’t think of this sooner. It’s a storage box….for sex toys…with a key. It is seriously a must have. It looks like it would hold makeup or diaries or some shit, but surprise a box full of dildos! Idk about you but I have kids. Kids are nosy. One of my kids found my vibrator (old and broken one) and asked: “what’s this mommy?”. It was purple (her favorite color). I really don’t think there is a better solution for this. $37 on Amazon, comes with a tray…boom…done…problem solved!

I will slowly begin gathering these essentials and reviewing them so I will keep you posted! If you have personally tried any of these products please share your opinion in the comments below!


  1. Eliza

    March 27, 2017 at 9:11 am

    I have the Womanizer, it’s OK, not mind blowing though. I prefer my Lelo products over it, but it is nice and quiet.

    The lockbox is genius, I’m currently using a make up case that locks for my toys.

    1. marlenagsalerno

      March 27, 2017 at 10:05 am

      Really? I’ve heard such great things about it. What do you not like about it? Need more details!

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