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Sexual Education

“Social” Sexual Experiences

When we engage in sexual activity, it’s usually with just one other person. Sometimes, however, people engage in “social” sexual experiences in which multiple people are involved in some way. These social sexual activities include everything from visiting strip clubs to participating in threesomes and […]

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BDSM: What is Subspace?

 I recently received an email from The BDSM Training Academy describing what “subspace” is. I found the article to be quite informative. Wanting to share this information with you, I reached out to their support team for permission and they enthusiastically encouraged me to share. […]

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How to Introduce BDSM into Your Relationship

BDSM which stands for bondage, dominance/discipline, submission/sadism, masochism is a sexual practice or lifestyle where individuals practice role playing and “deviant” sexual acts in order to intensify the sexual experience. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! The practices associated with BDSM are far and wide, as individuals […]

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