Squirting…the hottest trend in sex?

What is squirting?

Squirting is such a hot topic these days. Depicted in porn as the ultimate goal of sexual intercourse. Numerous squirting videos have taken over pornography. Online resources give tips on how to “make her squirt”. It’s the talk of the town really. Guys boast when they f*ck a “squirter”. It’s like an ego boost when they make a girl squirt.

In Mexico, we spoke to one couple that was bragging about how the husband was a master at making girls squirt, so he taught his wife this very important ability. They were pretty proud of this and yes they were swingers in case you were wondering. He explained the logistics of it, but I was too drunk to remember his how-to guide.

But when did squirting become such a popular thing? And why? I squirted probably one time in my life back in my teens. I was surprised that it happened. I was confused and embarrassed. I literally shot tembarrassedhe liquid in the back of my fiancé at the time’s throat. I do recall it being an amazing orgasm, but squirting was not a topic of discussion back in my days. It was an oddity.

Today, I admit, it’s a pretty cool “skill” to possess. I mean shooting liquid out of your vagina during orgasm? Sure I still think it’s odd, but if you can shoot it in someone’s eye, then I think it’s pretty cool (lmfao). In porn, you see women literally gushing the liquid and just an FYI it’s fake. I’m not sure how they do it, I have little interest in finding out, but it’s not a real squirt that they are presenting you with. Sorry to burst your bubble guys.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I was definitely curious about what squirting actually is. Like is it urine? Is it vaginal secretions? Wtf is this liquidy stuff? Where does it even come from? The vaginal opening or the urethra? So, I did a little research and found some contradictory results. However, according to one more recent study, it’s actually a urine mixture.

The Urine Hypothesis

One belief in medical research is that the liquid that is released during a squirting episode is fluid from the urethra that resembles urine. In one study by Salama S. et al from the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Hospital Privé de ParlY, France, seven normal women’s pelvic regions were studied using ultrasound scans at three time periods, once voluntary prior to sexual stimulation, once during stimulation but before squirting, and once after squirting. At time period one, bladders were found empty, at time period two the bladder refilled, and at time period three (after squirting) the bladder emptied again. The results of this study indicate that squirting is actually involuntary peeing during sexual activity. The fluid is found to be a combination of urea, creatinine, uric acid, and prostatic-specific antigen (fluid from a prostate-like region).

So how should we feel about this?

Well, as a psychology major, I can tell you to be cautious about anything you read and take the study apart before making your own conclusion. This study in particular, although has found that the liquid secretion was in fact mostly urine, keep in mind that the sample size was extremely small (seven women). There are also other factors that may have influenced these findings. So, basically don’t be a firm believer in this hypothesis until additional research proves this to be correct. Let’s hope for a larger sample size.

Given that squirting is a nsquirtatural thing, kind of like “jizzing”, why should anyone be embarrassed by it? Even if it is pee, who the f*ck cares. Worse things can happen and by the way, some people have urine fetishes…golden showers. Now I think back to the time I squirted and I’m laughing because it’s like I basically peed into my man’s mouth. Kinda gross, but hey that’s what you get for peeing on my leg in the shower!

If you’re a squirter, be proud of who you are and what your body does! If you’re not and would like to be one, read some how-to guides such as this one on The Stallion Style. Either way, accept yourself for who you are.






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