About me

My educational background is in psychology. I will complete my undergrad hopefully by next spring (2018). My goal is to become a school Social Worker since I have always been passionate about helping children. Generally speaking, I have many interests ranging from spirituality to sexuality and all the ‘alities in between. My psychology background has provided me with a more holistic perspective on life, various behaviors, and issues that we experience. As I mentioned, I’m a mom….of twin…..girls…..yikes talk about feeling pressured. Life is hectic as I juggle motherhood, school, and this blog. I am simply a modern mom exploring how sex can be blissful.

<3 Morgan

Below blueprintprint of this site:

5 Main Topics

  1. Erotic Novel Reviews (I’m still working on this one, I literally have zero time to read these days)
  2. Mom Life– These topics are specifically for moms who value sex
  3. Product Reviews– Here I review adult products
  4. Relationships and Sex– This is the main topic I cover within in blog.
  5. Sexual Education– Here I educate you on sexuality, sex related psychology, and sociology.

The list of categories is located under “Blog” in the main menu.


In the main menu, you will also find the STORE. I have included all of the items I review and recommend in my blog posts in this Amazon hosted “aStore”. I earn a small commission when you purchase items from my store =).