About me

My educational background is in psychology. I will complete my undergrad hopefully by next spring (2018). My goal is to become a school Social Worker since I have always been passionate about helping children. Generally speaking, I have many interests ranging from spirituality to sexuality and all the ‘alities in between. My psychology background has provided me with a more holistic perspective on life, various behaviors, and issues that we experience. As I mentioned, I’m a mom….of twin…..girls…..yikes talk about feeling pressured. Life is hectic as I juggle motherhood, school, and this blog. I am simply a modern mom exploring how sex can be blissful.

<3 Morgan

Below blueprintprint of this site:

5 Main Topics

  1. Erotic Novel Reviews (I’m still working on this one, I literally have zero time to read these days)
  2. Mom Life– These topics are specifically for moms who value sex
  3. Product Reviews– Here I review adult products
  4. Relationships and Sex– This is the main topic I cover within in blog.
  5. Sexual Education– Here I educate you on sexuality, sex-related psychology, and sociology.

The list of categories is located under “Blog” in the main menu.

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