The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator Sex Toy Review

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The Womanizer

Anyone interested in the womanizer has probably come across its great reviews online and considered buying this toy. This is exactly what happened in my case.

Note: the exact womanizer that is reviewed is no longer available on Amazon, therefore a newer version is linked.

First, a little about the Womanizer:
  • It’s about 7 inches long:
7″ long
  • It comes with two removable suction tips that are made of phthalate-free ABS plastic:

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  • It has six levels of intensity and one vibrating pattern, unlike many vibrators on the market.
Now, onto the review:

I went on Amazon and saw the Womanizer had a 4+ star rating from over 200 reviewers, many of which mentioned achieving multiple mind-blowing orgasms that put many toys to shame. Who wouldn’t want that? I took out my abused credit card and spent nearly $200 on it back in October 2015. Wow, what a waste. I tried it a few times with no success. No orgasms, just a bunch of disappointment and some anger at losing $200. Asked to do a review, I decided that maybe the last 1.5 years has made me more in tune with my body, so I gave the Womanizer the benefit of the doubt and tested it out again… and again… after over 10 separate times of using the Womanizer the second time around, I achieved one very small orgasm, with no success in repeating the event with better results.

The cons for the Womanizer are as follows:
  • There is only one button that controls the speed.
    one control button

    Personally, I had to have it at a higher speed to feel the suction, but as soon as I was getting close to my orgasm, that speed became too much. Unfortunately, there is no option to decrease the speed one level at a time; instead, the power button must be pressed and it brings you back to the lowest setting and your impending orgasm disappears and the urge to throw the Womanizer against the wall appears:

Due to the weak suction, any minor movements can lead to losing a possible orgasm. There were plenty of times when I had my hopes up and wasn’t too far away from having an orgasm, the smallest movement from my hand either moved the suction tip or changed the angle of it and the impending orgasm was lost. The Womanizer needs to be in one place and stay there, which can be hard to do.

No worries though, there are some pros:
  • It’s quiet.
  • It literally feels like someone is licking your clit repeatedly. Though this toy will more than likely not bring you to completion, it can be a good toy for the beginning of your activities.
  • Unlike some clitoral stimulators, prolonged usage does not cause numbness.
  • The case it comes in is somewhat discreet. It says “Womanizer” on the top of the case, but if you flip it over, it looks like a somewhat larger case for sunglasses:


Overall, this would be the last resort toy for myself. I’m stubborn enough to keep trying. Who knows, maybe I’ll uncover the great secrets of the Womanizer. There is always the chance.

Review by guest Ela. 


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