What to Expect from a Swinger’s Party

swinger's party

So you’re wondering what a swinger’s party is like. Is it a giant orgy, where everyone is just f*cking everyone? Even if you’re not a swinger, by reading this I know you are curious what such parties entail. You may perhaps be thinking why I would attend a swinger’s party. Because…why the f*ck not. YOLO! I was obviously just as curious as you, but I took it a step further and actually attended a party to find out! It was not at all what I had imagined.

First of all, swinger’s parties are not so secret anymore. I simply googled and found a few organizations that do take-overs such as InviteOnly and ChiVIP. What does that mean? Well, it means that the organization basically takes over a hotel, a club, a cruise ship even and hosts parties, especially for swingers. Not everyone can just show up to a swinger’s party.

You have to contact the host organization, you have to fill out an application, you have to pay an entrance fee ($30-ish per couple). Most of the time, single men are not allowed (sorry guys, too bad, so sad), however, single ladies are always welcomed (with open arms and more).

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Once the organization decides you’re good to go, they typically keep the location of the event a secret until the day of. You will know the general location, but not the exact address.

Usually, events are themed to make the parties more interesting: Halloween parties, Camo parties, NYE parties, white parties, etc. Alcohol is usually available, for ultimate drunken fun! Sometimes there are BYOB events (I would probably prefer this).

What Does NOT Happen at Swinger’s Parties
  • People are NOT walking around butt-naked
  • People are NOT going at it in the open
  • There are no BDSM related accessories (I was actually hoping there would be a nice area for me to explore).
  • There aren’t any strippers.
What Does Happen at Swinger’s Parties
  • Normal couples socializing with other normal couples
  • Drinking
  • DJ and lots of dancing
  • Stripper Pole for super sexy dancing
  • Sitting areas
  • It’s pretty loud so you have to scream to be heard
  • Semi-private bed areas (floor mattress, surrounded by curtains for people to get it on with some privacy, condoms, and washcloths (lol, gotta clean yourself up after doing the nasty yo!) are provided).
My experience….

So, my Mr. and I decided to attend a Camo party a few weekends ago. What can I say, I was curious, geez. Anyways, so I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what to wear either. Camo? Seriously? I had nothing Camo. Luckily camo is in style, so my local Target had a nice pair of skinny jean looking mid-rise camo pants. Phew. I seriously wasn’t sure how “slutty” to dress. Back in the days, when we would go clubbing, the sluttier the better. Now that I am almost 30 (yikes), and I have no idea what this event will be like, I decided to go with something sexier than trashy. I chose a black lace-back tank, with beige strappy sandals, plus a leather jacket to hide my cleavage on the way there. I went with a super glam makeup and hair look. Lots of dark colors, contouring, and curly hair.

That morning we found out the location of the party. The party started at 9 pm so my Mr. and I had dinner. After dinner, we met with another couple for drinks, who were in fact swingers. They were attending the party as well, so we tried to get as many details as possible from them regarding the party since they have gone to quite a few parties in the past. We met at a very chic rooftop bar downtown Chicago. We found out that the owner of this bar had also been in the lifestyle. Whaaaaatttt? We were kinda surprised, but not really lol. It was just interesting.

We ended up getting some bar food at another bar on the way to the party…which took forever.  We arrived at the party “fashionably late” (10:30ish), which was fine because it seemed like a lot of people were just getting there.

There was a big black doorman (typical) that checked our ID’s and our “tickets/voucher”. He guided us to the top floor of the building. There was another man at the entrance of the party that was checking names and giving event bracelets. There was a DIY bar fully stocked with popular drinks, a DJ at one corner, next to two stripper poles, a body painter on the other side, tables and chairs surrounding the dance floor (typical party must-haves). What made this party different you ask? Well, the room filled with beds for one thing.

The room had about 3-4 twin sized beds that were screened off for some privacy (first, come first, serve ya’ll). There were also two beds at the outer edge of the dance floor that were screened off with curtains. These beds were for VIP members. You basically pay $200 for a queen sized bed instead of the regular twin sized bed, you also get your own reserved seating area for 4. Interesting……

The People…

Before our drinks started flowing, we simply stood back and people watched. Couples of various ages but mostly 30’s-40’s (we were among the younger ones), various ethnic/racial backgrounds, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Some women were topless, with body-painted boobs. At first, everyone just socialized.

Everyone was really friendly, introducing themselves and small talk. Many of the individuals we spoke to were regulars to these parties, so many of the couples knew one another. They formed clusters around the bar as they conversed.

As the night went on, the party got louder, people got drunker, and brave women danced on the designated stripper poles. The crowd cheered and admired their skill. The dance floor quickly filled up. This is when I noticed couples sneaking away from the crowd….into the sexy areas! No one even noticed (except me probably, because that’s what I was there for, to be nosy).

You probably wouldn’t even have known this was a swinger’s party if you were not informed. It seemed like a very normal dance party/gathering. Nothing was out of the ordinary except for the beds. Sure couples were making out in corners and feeling up on each other, but you can expect that at any club/bar you go. It really wasn’t as wild as I had anticipated. Our trip to Desire Resort was way wilder than this party. To read about our Desire experience, check out my previous post. I guess these parties are pretty low-key, which is not at all what I had anticipated from a group of 200 or so swingers. I expected some kinky sh*t. LOL. My bad for making assumptions!

It was an interesting experience and we met some super friendly couples from all parts of life. Next time we are feeling adventurous, I want to visit a BDSM dungeon!


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