What Turns Women On…The Truth and Tips


What turns women on?

Let’s consider some of the sexiest men according to various media outlets…Jamie Dornan (Mr. Grey), Matt Bomer, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, David Beckham, the Franco brothers, Christiano Ronaldo. What do these guys have in common besides oozing sexiness and fame? What makes women desire men? It’s not just good looks. It’s the sparkle in their eyes. Their confidence, their power, their bodies, and the fact that you always want what you can’t have. Am I right ladies?

I am pretty picky when it comes to choosing men. No matter how hot you are, if you’re too intimidating, I’m turned off completely. I don’t want to have to work for your attention. You gotta have that special quality about you in order for me to want to sleep with you. Perhaps it’s the “f*ckboy look”, which I guess is similar to “swag”. Maybe, it’s something like man swag instead of boy swag hahaha. I have no idea, but I’ve been working hard on this list, really digging deep inside my soul trying to figure out what makes me want to drop them panties.

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Things that turn me on outside the bedroom.
  1. Confidence…This is number one. You honestly do not have to be the hottest man in the room. You just have to own the room. Confidence makes you appear powerful…it’s sexy.
  2. A sense of humor...There’s nothing worse than a hot guy with a lousy personality. I like to laugh, all women like to laugh. Serious is boring; serious is uncomfortable. Don’t be the serious guy….seriously though.
  3. Social…It’s a sign of friendliness, it means that people like you, that you’re entertaining. Social people are a lot more fun, they have more connections. Ever date a loner? It’s depressing and he may kind of seem like a loser.
  4. Muscles…upper body…You don’t have to be super macho. You don’t need a 6-pack (but if you do it’s definitely a bonus). Toned is really all that is required. I want to see your muscles, feel them, and maybe even lick them. It shows you care about your body, that you possess perseverance. Most importantly I want to imagine getting f*cked by a man…not a boy!
  5. Tattoos… I love tattoos. I have no idea why, but I do. Tattoos tell a story, they show that you have passions. They are manly. They are sexy. Go get some tattoos.
  6. Style… you don’t have to be at GQ level, but have a sense of fashion. Sleek and modern style, it shows that you care about your appearance. Women love a man that looks “put together”.
  7. Success… this is a power thing. Successful men are more powerful. They are more confident, they have passions and possess determination and motivation. They hold their heads high.
  8. Dark hair…I’ve never had a thing for blonde boys. No matter how gorgeous you are, blonde is just not my style. I like dark. It’s more mysterious. This is just a personal preference though.
  9. Motorcycles… gotta love a bad boy. Just like tattoos, motorcycles just turn me on. They’re fast, they’re loud, they’re manly. Enough said.
  10. Spoil me… show me how much I deserve everything and I will show you how much you deserve my attention. I know I sound like a gold digger, but this is one of my top Love Languages (doing things for me and buying things for me). That’s just what makes me feel special. Who doesn’t love to be spoiled? It shows appreciation.
Things that turn me on in the bedroom.
turns women on
hair pulling
  1. Muscles… like I said before, I want to feel like I am being f*cked by a man, not a boy. Muscles mean manliness and strength. I want to feel your weight on mine. I want to be pressed into the mattress and possessed by your body.
  2. Tattoos… yup just like before. Tattoos are way more fun to look at when you’re naked. I don’t care if you have your ex-girlfriend’s name tattooed on you. It means you once loved; it shows you allowed yourself to love.
  3. Dark hair…same as before. Mysterious, alluring, sexy and if you have blue eyes (a very rare combo), I might just cum in my panties now.
  4. Aggressive… girls appreciate a little kink, even the innocent one’s (I promise). Pull our body closer to yours when you kiss me and possess my lips. Show me how bad you want me.
  5. Dominant… tell me what you want. I don’t like to think too much during sex and I don’t want to be creative. I want you to show me what you got. Tell me to drop my panties to the floor, bend over, close my eyes and wait patiently for you.
  6. Manly smelling… I enjoy a manly smelling man (not BO). Smell works well with memory if you aren’t aware. If you smell wonderful and we have amazing sex, then every time I smell your cologne I will be turned on even when you are not around. Women appreciate a nice smelling man. Fun fact: women have a better sense of smell and our brains are better able to associate a smell with an object, memory, or idea.
  7. Warm me up with your fingers. Touch me everywhere. Ever so gently slide your fingertips over my breasts, my nipples, my abdomen, and down to my clit. Slow, but steady work me up ‘till I’m begging you to f*ck me.
  8. Spank me… I’m a naughty one. What can I say I like to be spanked. Not hard, not too light; medium so I can feel it and it leaves a red mark, but it’s bearable.
  9. Pull my hair ever so gently… don’t rip my hair out. You can pull my hair gently and forcefully, it shows dominance. It’s deliciously erotic.
  10. Eye contact…watch me come undone. Don’t stare at me though, like watching every mood. Then I just feel self-conscious, like you’re analyzing my wrinkles and stretch marks or some sh*t. Simply pay attention to my body, to my needs. Watch me cum.

If you think of more ideas, comment below! Let’s help the guys out a little!


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