Why Being a Bitch is Not Such a Bad Thing

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What do you think when you hear the word “bitch”? Most people think of a bitch as a woman that is mean, self-centered, conceited, and bitchy. She portrays herself as a woman you don’t want to f*ck with. Ponder on that for a moment though. Are all these things that people associate with being a bitch so bad?

Ever hear or read the book Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart? well, you should! It’s a real eye-opener. In her book, Sherry Argov talks about 75 relationship principles that explain why men favor bitches over insecure girls. I’m not going to spoil it for you and tell you all the details, but I will mention a few concepts that stood out to me. Let’s examine each of these terms one by one and put a positive spin to being a bitch. In the meantime, you will better understand why bitches rule!

Mean: Think about why she is mean. Being mean is sometimes associated with being assertive or honest, which men have a hard time accepting from women. Is she being mean because you’re nagging her and she’s simply has had enough and snapped on you? Sometimes women are mean because they just don’t care anymore and they’re slowly backing out of the relationship. So, think about what you did before you come to the conclusion that she’s just an ass.

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Self-centered: Sometimes men view women that are focused on their own lives as being self-centered, but really? Is that such a bad thing? Just because she doesn’t have time for you and your bullshit because she’s busy hustlin’ doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. It’s also unfair and selfish to expect a woman to center her life around you and your needs. Here’s the deal, bitches act like they’re associating with men because they’re cute and they have some free time to kill not because you need men (Argov, Sherry). Cuz’ ain’t nobody got time fo’ that (silly boy bs).

Conceited: Is she really narcissistic or is she just confident in her self-image and self-worth? Just because a woman thinks highly of herself does not mean it’s a bad thing. It’s actually healthy to be confident. Confident people are actually more successful in their careers, they have more friends and better mental health.


Bitchy: Why is she bitching? Probably because she told you to do something about a hundred times and you still didn’t do it or maybe it’s her way of getting attention when she’s been emotionally neglected. Maybe, just maybe she’s trying to push you away so that you can finally f*ck off once and for all because you’re just not doing it for her.

I remember getting a keychain in 6th grade that said “You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing” and ever since I have embraced this. I am a bitch; I am a strong, relentless, confident woman who will not put up with crap. I will voice my opinion objectively. I will not tolerate certain things.

Another concept of being a “bitch” is that these types of women will not chase men. We’re too busy and focused on our lives, too confident, and not at all in desperate need of male attention.

“There’s nothing more interesting to a guy than a woman who is distracted or not focused on him” (quote from the book).

When I am interested in a man, I will subtly communicate my interest, but never will I go out of my way for their attention. By doing so, we communicate that we don’t need men and we are perfectly content hustlin’ independently… this is precisely why men love bitches.

“There are a few women I dated but couldn’t bring myself to marry. They were always the women who were willing to drop everything and do anything I wanted” (quote from the book).

busy bitch

We’re not needy. We don’t need you. We care, but if you’re gone we’re not going to waste precious time crying over relationship failures. We move on. We care for things that truly matter, such as our family, our health, our well-being, and our careers. Everyone and everything else comes and goes.

As you may or not be able to tell by now, I am a bitch. I’m not conceited, I’m simply confident. I’m not heartless. I simply make decisions that benefit me. If I don’t do that, who will? I don’t base my happiness on someone else. The power is in my hands. This is precisely why men are drawn to bitches, whether they like to admit it or not. I’m not saying all this because I’m a narcissist. I’m not perfect, I have my flaws, just like everyone else and I don’t whine about stupid shit.

Nobody wants a whiny woman, who calls a hundred times a day, has jealousy issues and depends on you for everything.

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